Nonna Carmela

Nonna Carmela


The Brief: To create pasta packaging for mothers with newborns.

The Story: One night as Antonia was delirious from sleep deprivation caring for her newborn and all she wanted to do was give up, her Nonna Carmela came over to her house and made what tasted like the most fantastic pasta she had ever had - a delicious hot, healthy pasta dish passed down to her Nonna by her Nonna and the Nonna of her Nonna. Antonia realised that was a game changer - a healthy, authentic meal that she didn't have to prepare herself that kept her going for a little bit longer. 

The Concept: Based on the story, the brand reflects Italian authenticity through hand drawn elements and through the creation of patterns mimicking Italian floor tiles. Another concept of the brand is based on the essential lack of time new mothers have, so the product is ready-made and delivered to their door, making it easy and simple. An app was also designed for this purpose. 

Student work/2015
AGDA Student Award 2015 Winner - Packaging

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